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Not all  air conditioning and heating repair companies are the same. The climate conditions in Las Vegas, NV are varied and extreme, and you need a company that understands those unique challenges.

A Local Las Vegas and Family-Owned Company

Air Zone Cooling & Heating, a locally-owned and family owned team of air conditioning and heating repair specialists, is committed to providing their clients with the highest quality expertise, customer service and professionalism in the industry today.

Other air conditioning and heating repair companies may come and go, but Air Zone Cooling & Heating has a multi-generational presence in Las Vegas. Air Zone has a complete understanding of the unique air conditioning and heating needs of Southern Nevada. Additionally, doing business with a locally owned business greatly benefits the local economy.

Experienced Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Technicians

Air Zone Cooling & Heating creates long-term relationships with their customers, allowing them to provide the highest level of customer service and professionalism. When you choose to do business with a family owned company, you are treated like another member of that family. Technicians are hand picked because they don’t just represent the company; they also represent the family. You can count on Air Zone’s heating and air conditioning technicians to provide the highest level of competence, courtesy and experience. That’s a winning combination.

Save Money With Proper Maintenance

Proper heating maintenance and air conditioning not only provides your family with the comfort they deserve, but ultimately saves you money. A properly maintained air conditioning and heating system reduces energy costs, and a program of expert service can help to avoid costly repairs and premature replacement of your system.

Military And Senior Discounts

Air Zone Cooling & Heating honors the men and women of the armed forces, as well as the families and loved ones who share the sacrifice they make to serve this country. Military discounts are available for families that serve in the armed forces.

Often living on fixed incomes, senior citizens can also face unique challenges. Air Zone Cooling & Heating understands and offers senior discounts as well.

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If you are not 100% certain that your air conditioning and heating system has been properly and professionally serviced, contact Air Zone Cooling & Heating. An experienced technician will be dispatched immediately to insure that your system is functioning at its very best. You simply can’t afford to delay.

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