Prevent Bad Health and High Furnace Repair Costs – Part II

How to Replace and Clean your Furnace Filter

Replace Furnace FilterBefore attempting to replace and clean your furnace filter, it is important to turn off your heating system. To replace or clean your furnace filter, find the service panel of the system and remove the cover. The cover can be removed with a screwdriver or sometimes manually. The filter will be located near the outtake-intake blower. Inspect your filter – if you cannot see through it, your filter is dirty and it is time for a cleaning or a replacement.

Some furnace filters are reusable and allow you to remove them and simply wash away the dirt and dust particles. Using an outdoor hose with a sprayer, spray down the filter until it looks clean again and then allow to air dry before putting back in place. If the furnace filter is disposable, it can be thrown away when dirty and replaced with a new one. Once your furnace filter has been replaced or cleaned, you can turn your Disposable filters can be tossed when they become dirty and replaced with a new, clean one. Once you have replaced the filter, you can turn your heating system back on.

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