The Most Common Furnace Issues


The Most Common Furnace Issues
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While having no heat in the dead of winter is no joke, you might be able to avoid that very expensive call to your heating repairman by troubleshooting some of the most common reasons your room is cold. Check out the top reasons that heating service companies respond to no heat calls and see if you can prevent making one yourself this year.

1. A Faulty Thermostat

The old thermometers were not programmable, nowadays, many homeowners have programmable thermostats installed--which have batteries. Yours might warn you if the battery is low, but once it totally dies, it simply will stop working and you have no heat. Try replacing your batteries and see if that gets your heat to turn on.

2. The Filters are Clogged

There are filters that help reduce dust and pollen. Over time they can become severely clogged and actually prevent airflow. Your furnace might be cooking away, but no heat is blowing from your registers. The filters should be changed out every three to six months and then you will feel that warm air on your toes.

3. The Igniter Failed

Now, this is something you can't prevent or fix, it simply happens. After your furnace turns on the flame many thousands of times, the ignition system will wear out. Your thermostat will indicate it has turned on the heat and you might hear a clicking noise while the furnace tries to light the flame over and over again.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help to predict when an aging part is on the brink of failure, allowing you to fix the problem ahead of time and avoid several days of freezing in your bed.

If you have checked these common problems with your furnace and still have no heat, don't hesitate to contact the HVAC contractors at AirZone heating & cooling today.

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