Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm and Ventilated

Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm and Ventilated - HVAC Blog - AC Repair Las Vegas | Air Zone Heating & Cooling - homeventilationThe colder weather where we need to be bundling up to stay warm is back among us. Many homeowners suffer with a damp home combined with poor retention of heat during these colder winter months. Damp and cold homes often result in the occupants getting sick with colds and flu. There are a couple different tips to keeping a home damp free and offer heating repair in Las Vegas to avoid the risks of getting sick.

How To Keep Humidity Levels Down

  • Keep lids on pans while cooking food instead of letting the condensation escape.
  • Open windows on warmers days allowing the house to ventilate.
  • Check to ensure drainage outside the house is working properly.
  • Ensure any and all water leaks are properly fixed immediately.
  • Use extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen to get rid of extra condensation.
  • Use a roof ventilation system to get rid of extra condensation.

Ways To Keep Your Home Warm

  • Use draft guards on the front and back door of your home.
  • Install extra insulation in the attic to keep heat in while helping to reduce energy costs.
  • Use lined window treatments to help insulate the windows to keep heat in.

Ways To Keep Fresh Air Moving

  • Raise windows to allow fresh air to circulate on warmer days.
  • Use odor free cleaners and less air fresheners.
  • Vacuum the house regularly.
  • Dust the house regularly.
  • Do not allow smoking inside the home.
  • Use central heating units.
  • Place large area rugs on wooden floors.
Keeping a home properly ventilated and insulated during the colder winter months can save the occupants of the home many days of sickness. Keeping a home properly insulated not only helps keep the home warmer, but also helps reduce energy costs for the homeowner.
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