Tips For Preparing Your Furnace For The Cooler Months

Your home furnace may be the most important mechanical appliance in your home. Since it is tasked with keeping you and your loved ones warm during the brisk fall and cold winter months, it is important that it is properly maintained and prepared each year for fall and winter. To ensure that your furnace is ready for the cold winter months, there are several tips that should be followed. 

Change the Filter

The simplest and most important tip for overall furnace maintenance is to change the filter on a regular basis. Most experts recommend that this be done at least once every three months. However, during the colder winter months, you may want to do it every month. Furthermore, to ensure that your furnace is ready for a fresh start in the winter, it is important that you replace the filter before your turn on your heat for the first time every year. 

Clean Up Around the Furnace

Another tip to follow is to clean up around the furnace. During the summer months, it may be easy to store personal belongings in the room near the furnace. However, prior to turning it on, you need to make sure that all boxes, personal belongings, and any debris is removed from the area surrounding the furnace.

Hire a Professional for Cleaning

The third tip to follow before using your furnace at the start of winter is to hire a professional for cleaning and servicing. A professional furnace technician will be able to provide you with many different services that can help to ensure your furnace is running efficiently and is clean, including a complete cycle operation inspection.

Your home furnace is a very important home appliance as it is tasked with keeping your home warm during the cold winter months. To ensure it works well when needed, there are several tips to follow before using your furnace each year.

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