When is The Right Time to Replace My Furnace?

A common question for many homeowners today is "When should I replace my furnace?" It can be very costly to replace a furnace, so there may be times that repair seems like the better alternative. However, there are three situations that spell out a clear need for a furnace replacement.

The Furnace is at the End of its Lifespan

The average furnace lasts for around 20 years, but this figure does vary according to how well (and how often) it was professionally serviced. Even with perfect maintenance, no furnace is going to last forever, so if the furnace is a couple of decades old (or more) it's probably time to ponder a replacement. 

The Furnace Needs Constant Repair

While furnace repair is cheaper than replacement, there will come a point when constant repairs will actually outstrip the price of a replacement. When the furnace has regular breakdowns that are starting to put a real dent in the pocketbook, it's probably time to look at replacement rather than repair. Many people follow the general "half cost" guideline. This means that if any given furnace repair would cost you half (or more) of the replacement price, it's probably best to go with the replacement. 

The Heating Bills Are Rising

A certain amount of fluctuation is normal, but if your heating bills are sharply rising and your furnace use hasn't changed 

When is The Right Time to Replace My Furnace? - HVAC Blog - AC Repair Las Vegas | Air Zone Heating & Cooling - furnace_repairmuch, it may indicate the need for a replacement. Furnaces begin to lose efficiency when they are very old, and there is also no doubt that older models can't compare to the new ultra-efficient models. If the bills are always going up but your home isn't really any warmer, consider how the investment in a newer furnace can work for you. Sure, it will cost more initially - but over time, you'll notice a huge savings in energy bills! For trusted furnace repair services or replacements, contact Air Zone Cooling & Heating today! 

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