Why Schedule Preventative Heating Maintenance?

Why Schedule Preventative Heating Maintenance? - HVAC Blog - AC Repair Las Vegas | Air Zone Heating & Cooling - maintenanceScheduling preventative maintenance for your heater on an annual basis ensures that the system will run consistently and efficiently during the cold months of the year. In fact, there are a number of benefits to heater maintenance, including: a more energy-efficient system, a longer-lasting heater, and improved heating capabilities inside the home.


These preventative measures help minimize the heating scenario that every homeowner fears. That is, when it starts to get cold out, your heating system does not start up because it has been sitting idle for several months. In turn, the homeowner is forced to live in a house that is uncomfortably cold.


Another risk of avoiding preventative heating maintenance is that your heater will stop working in the middle of winter. An annual heater tune-up minimizes the risk of a malfunctioning heater, improves the efficiency of your system, and increases the lifespan of your heater by more than 30%.


What is Checked During a Preventative Maintenance Appointment

While conducting a preventative maintenance appointment, HVAC technicians check for a wide range of components, and tackle a number of different maintenance procedures. For example, all of your heater’s significant parts – the ignition assembly, blower components, the burner, evaporator coils, and heat exchange parts – are both cleaned and analyzed for efficiency.

Additional tests conducted by the HVAC technician include: measuring your heater’s general airflow, observing temperature differences, and testing your system’s electrical parts. If the volts or amps are not performing as they should, the technician will tighten them. The HVAC specialist will carry out a number of other duties, such as:


  • Lubricate your heater’s moving parts.
  • Run safety checks and efficiency tests.
  • Inspect the heater’s flue draft, relay operating parts, and contractors.
  • Inspect clogged up air filters.


Preventative heating maintenance is an excellent way for a heating expert to fix your heater’s minor issues before major structural problems appear. Technicians are skilled in virtually every sort of heating system repair, and are often capable of making fixes while conducting their maintenance appointment.


Additionally, studies indicate that preventative heater maintenance is a cost-effective strategy for homeowners on a budget. These tune-ups are extremely affordable, and enable your heater to run at peak performance.


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