Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Maintenance  - Air Zone Cooling and Heating - dirty_filterWe offer expert insight to maintain your home's air conditioner when you need it the most!

Las Vegas' Most Reliable HVAC Maintenance Services - Designed to Keep You Comfortable Year Round!

No matter the season, the experts at Air Zone Cooling & Heating can keep you comfortable in any conditions. Even with the most dependable HVAC equipment, there are times when you need support from the experts. 

Air Conditioning Inspections: 

Fluctuating temperatures in Las Vegas can create extremely uncomfortable living conditions, and you need an HVAC contractor that will bring balance, efficiency, and control to your home environment. You can reduce your operating costs and minimize repairs with regularly scheduled HVAC inspections!

Protect Your Equipment with a 20-point Inspection 

An efficiently maintained air conditioning system can help reduce your utility bills and prolong the life of your equipment. Our preventative maintenance customers also receive 10% Off on ALL air conditioning parts at the time of service. 

maintenance programs include: 

  • 20 point maintenance checklist  
  • 10% off parts-same day replacement on parts 
  • One year warranty on all parts 
  • Ninety day warranty on labor 
  • Priority service, even during peak seasons 


Having a maintenance program prevents costly repairs and breakdown! 

You will increases the efficiency of your system, lower your utility bills, and improve the comfort of your home. 


Spring Maintenance Checklist for Air Conditioning Units 


  1. Air Conditioning air leakage inspection (package units only) 
  2. Compressor amps inspection 
  3. Condenser coil inspection & cleaning (water only) 
  4. Condenser fan motor inspection 
  5. Condenser fan motor run capacitor inspection 
  6. Control compartment cleaning 
  7. Fan belt inspection & adjusted as needed 
  8. Filter replacement or cleaning 
  9. Refrigerant level inspections 
  10. General wear, rust, & deterioration inspection 
  11. Inspect condenser fan blade for wear & balance 
  12. Inspect exposed fittings if refrigerant level is low 
  13. Motor amps inspection 
  14. Safety controls inspection 
  15. Starter contacts, switches, & relay inspection 
  16. Starting components inspection 
  17. Temperature differential inspection 
  18. Terminal connection tightening 
  19. Thermostat calibration inspection 
  20. Complete cycle operation check 


Air Conditioning Maintenance Program:

Staying cool is easy with our maintenance program. Regular air conditioning system maintenance will help to keep you cool. The most cost-effective way to stay comfortable in Las Vegas is regular air conditioner maintenance to ensure that your air conditioner is operating at peak efficiency. 

Properly maintaining your AC unit will have a significant effect on your power bills as well as your personal comfort. Whether it is a roof-top or ground system, proper air conditioner maintenance is the key to maximum efficiency. 

Prolong system life with regular air filter replacement. Your air filter should be checked monthly and replaced regularly, especially during the peak summer and winter months. Filters that appear dirty need to be changed, as a dirty filter will slow air flow and consume more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. A clean filter also helps prevent expensive repairs and premature replacement of your air conditioner. 

Air Zone Cooling and Heating can offer you yearly maintenance programs!

All manufacturers recommend that you have your unit checked every six months. Sign up for a yearly maintenance program and we will come out twice a year to provide a 20-point inspection of your AC system. You will be given honest recommendations from our technicians, if needed. Our 20-point inspection checklist details every part of your system and provides a complete diagnosis.